Mastering Self-Help With The Five Why Method

Posted on: 27 April 2016

Have you listened to numerous self-help talks and can't seem to understand how to implement their ideas to solve your personal problems? Then you should utilize the five why method. This simple self-help tool can help you self diagnose a problem, be more honest with yourself, and come up with a solution to your personal problems.

What Are The Five Why Method?

Sakichi Toyoda of the Toyota auto company created the five why method to diagnose problems with auto production, but it has been adapted as a useful self-help tool ever since. Basically, you start by asking yourself five questions about a single problem to help find a cause for the problem and, potentially, a solution.

For example, ask yourself the question "why do I feel so awkward at work?" and come up with five answers explaining why, including such possible answers as:

  1. I haven't gotten to know my co-workers very well yet and haven't built a strong relationship with them.
  2. I am intimidated by my boss and feel uncomfortable at work.
  3. I am afraid I'm not doing a good enough job and am letting down my employees.
  4. I don't feel like I am paid enough money for the work I do.
  5. My co-workers think I'm shy, but I'm just a quiet person.

Coming up with answers like this is tough, but it can help you be more honest with yourself and create a better sense of self-understanding. It can also help you understand cognitive dissonance and how it is holding you back or causing you problems.

How The Five Why Method Can Help

The five why method helps you get to the root of the problems plaguing your life and breaks through the problems in your life that have been holding you back. For example, you could sit down with your boss and discuss a raise or finding a way to help alleviate some of the extra work you've been doing. Or you could invite your co-workers over for a game night or to go out for a few drinks.

Actively engaging with your co-workers will address point number five: it's easy for many people to assume that quiet people are just naturally shy and leave them alone out of politeness. By identifying five potential explanations and addressing them, you can help solve just about any personal problem.

Once you master breaking through your cognitive dissonance, you will find it easier to be honest with yourself. This will help you gain more self confidence and become the strong and successful person you were born to be.

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